”Home” it’s Casa Așchiuța


I remember now as though that happened occurred yesterday, as day by day I wandered with three children from house to house in search of bread. There were 5 children in our family: 4 girls and one boy. The elder sister was sent in the boarding school in the age of 7 years old. I went to her and studied there only one year completed the first grade. I liked there because of favorable conditions: food, clothes. I had the place for the rest where I could study and even making acquaintance.

In the next year when I was in the second grade, I was moved up into the ordinary school which I recently visited. I liked study but don’t like go to school. My classmates made fun of me because I didn’t look like them. I had no beautiful and clear clothes, necessity school supplies and because of it the colleagues were obliged to lend me their pens and copybooks.

I soon realized that my arriving to this school was made by the reason that we remained without mother. Every day I must take care of my younger brother and sisters. Our mother was rarely with us. All days long she left us without food and protection. The hardest time was winter for us because apart from starvation and loneliness we had to fight with cold.

The most favorable time was summer because there was warm. There was no need to go every day to the neighbors, begging for food. And also there were plenty of fruits and vegetables which we “borrowed” from the neighboring garden.

But despite all these advantages there were other problems. Almost every evening I had to find my brother and sisters who forgot to return back home after games and adventures.
In the evening after long unsuccessful searches in my head appeared different terrible thoughts that I would never find them. But I found them sleeping near neighbors which gave them shelter. Unfortunately my calmness was no longer. One day the children didn’t come to home. There was no luck on my side and I didn’t know what to do. As ill luck would have it, I didn’t find mother too. About midnight I found her in “friends of friends”. She was drunk and it seemed that she was not impressed about disappearance her children. It is hard to me to remember those anxious days.

Once I, my sister (who came back from the boarding school) and mother were invited to Department of Education where to us was proposed to live with our younger sisters and brother. I accepted an offer at once because I wanted to live with my brother and sisters. The elder sister remained with mother but they came back to us two months later.

I was brought in “Casa Aschiuta” of Association “Salvatii Copiii” (at the present time Child and Family Center for Social services of Association Child and Family protection “AVE Copiii”). My sister and brother were tidy, well-dressed as they though grown up and put on the weight from our last meeting. The organization “Salvatii Copiii” was and will be my home and even when I 30 years old and I have my own family. From “home” I first time was moved up in the school as all other children: well-dressed, with my own set of school supplies and all necessary for studying. All way I went with head held high and very happy that i have my own home and also I don’t worry about children. There was no one person here who knew that my mother was alcoholic and nobody made fun of me. Besides that, there was nobody who teased me because of my dirty clothes and here I could study as I want and didn’t spend time in the search of food. In the “home” I knew that adult take cares of children, in its turn the children could grow up, play, study, not thinking about whether it would be dinner today and tomorrow whether cold. Here I grew up in the big family, so solid and happy. There were teachers who directed us and gave us advices as they were our real parents. They listened to us and supported in the terrible moments.

After graduating lyceum I went to university to study and help the children from unhappy families. Over a length of studying in university and some years after graduating diploma I worked in the Association “Salvatii Copiii”, participating side by side in education of children with my former teachers who as I came from the problem families but they wanted for ourselves only better future.

Today I have reasons to thank god because I consider myself a happy woman. I thirty years old I am married and 10 years as I am mother of boy. I work as a social worker in the center of placement where grow up more than 200 children. The children cannot live in their families by different reasons but they want to create their own family. And I want to help them realize their dream as I taught by the colleagues of association which is called “Ave Copiii” today.