Special cases

Israel_slider_story  Israel Zulumbaev, a teenager from Uzbekistan who dreams of a professional football career in Moldova

Israel with his family – his parents and older brother, took refuge in our country from Uzbekistan, when he was only 3 years old.


4 Adopted for a better life

We describe the children’s stories which are evidence of painful past, full of misfortunes darkened by undeserved sufferings of the past which everyone wants to forget.


2„One more step and my life becomes reality

Under such slogan begins Adrian’s story, a fellow with bright individuality and seeking to do something in life. This boy is a brilliant example for young generations which wish to forget their past.


7Home it’s Casa Așchiuță

I remember now as though that happened occurred yesterday, as day by day I wandered with three children from house to house in search of bread.