About Us


The Association for Child and Family Empowerment “AVE COPIII” is a public, democratic, politically and religiously independent, non-profit-making organization.

It was found in 1992 and was called “Salvati Copiii Moldova”. The main goal of Association became the protection of rights of all children, and as well as providing of all opportunities for vulnerable sections of people to the access of different services, particularly for abandoned children, for abused children, victims of labor exploitation and of human traffic, and for homeless children.

Nowadays the association “AVE Copiii” fights for peace in which each child can grow up in a safe family environment, surrounded by love and harmony, having access to the qualitative services in accordance with its needs.

The mission of organization “AVE Copiii” is the providing of social services.

We offer the placement and rehabilitation of orphans and also children remaining without charge of parents. Besides that, we work with children and with their parents or with tutors in the area of development skills of independent living of children, in the area of household management, the distribution of available resources for establishment of family and social relations. Work carries out with parents who are in the process renunciation of children, as well as with those persons who abandoned from children both in the efforts of prevention similar incidents and in the area of family and social reintegration. We collaborate with the family-type boarding schools and with institutions of local governing both for increasing efficiency of alternatives children fosterage and with the parents in the area of working-out communication’s skills with children of all ages, with disabled children or with children having the problems with behaviour and etc.

We propose countenance and help to all persons who seeks shelter and to the refugees. Along with pecuniary aid (food, medical supplies, hygiene products, clothes and footwear) it is given urgent help (for example, people who come again), also the planned aid which is composed on the basis of needs, identified in the results of social appraisal. We lighten access to all kinds of service providing in accordance with present legislation (medical, social, educational and others) and also to services which directly gives association (consultation of psychologist, teacher; social and educational animations for women and children and others).
We train social assistants, teachers and doctors to the knowledge and skills in the efforts of development communicational skills and to the possibility of rendering assistance to the refugees, particularly to women and children.

For more than 16 years the organization “AVE Copiii” is a correspondent of International Social Service (SSI) in the Republic of Moldova which provides a social appraisal of situation in case of need. This service has at its disposal 13 chapters, 4 offices and correspondents in more than 120 countries worldwide.

“AVE Copiii” is co-founder and active member of alliance non-governmental organizations in the area of Social care Children and Family (APSCF). It is a national network which estimates more than 100 non-governmental organizations specializing in the area of family and children protection.

The decision about participation in the development of specialized network that would function in the interests of children occurs from the necessity of coordination efforts and from willingness to share with experience gathering for a long time which we consider our most important resource.